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       Top 20 Questions

  1. What is your minimum? 1 shirt... What's yours.
  2. Turn around time? 15 minutes each shirt.
  3. Can I add an image or photo? Yes, we can do that. The image can be as big as a piece of paper: 8.5" x 11"
  4. Can I write anything? Yes, it is America here, feel free.
  5. Can I print front and back? Yes and on the sides too - anywhere you like it honey, bend over - we print panties too!
  6. What kind of shirts do you use? American Apparel for Men, Women, Children and Dogs too.
  7. You got my size? Yes, we carry all sizes from Small to 4XL. We have a fully stocked store of blank tees.
  8. You got my color? Yes, Check our Custom Page.
  9. How do I send an image? Send us a jpeg or Photoshop image to
  10. Can I do 100 shirts? Sure, but you will need our help, we can do it in one day.
  11. Are these silk screened? No, we use heat transfers.
  12. What is a heat transfer? It is a vinyl image, transferred to a shirt. It can be a photograph or letter.
  13. Do you have fuzzy letters? Yes, there are softer than the vinyl letters.
  14. What are your font colors? White,black, red, navy, pink, orange, blue, yellow, gold, green, silver.
  15. What are the most popular colors? White by far is the best selling color, the color comes from the shirt.
  16. How many fonts do you have? Many but our best sellers are: Cooper and Block.
  17. Do you deliver? Yes, We ship anywhere and deliver same day in Manhattan.
  18. Can I order over the phone? Yes, phone orders are our favorite.
  19. Can you help me decide what looks best? Yes, we have done 1000's of shirts.
  20. Have you done any famous celebrity shirts? Yes, but our customers are the real stars.




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